Chandragiri saving and credit co-operative,  located in the northern part of chandragiri hill,  west of kathmandu was estlablished on 22 poush, 2057 BS. It started formal business after registration with division of co-operative office in Kathmandu on 6 baishakh, 2058 BS. All services have been made avialable to more than 4 members affilited to the cooperative from the premises of the institution itself.

Message from Chairperson

Dear Chandragiri Members:

I hope this message finds you all safe and sound in these unique and challenging circumstances.

It is an unusual time for all of us.  Our “new norm” will be much different going forward and we are considering how the SACCOS will be able to best serve its members in the months ahead.  For all of us, how we conduct business in the future will be very different. First, I want to express appreciation to each of you who have trusted Chandragiri Savings and Credit Cooperative ltd as your all-time financial institution.  It’s because of you that we have a solid foundation, allowing us to provide the unwavering financial products that you expect from us.

Second, and more importantly, we want to say thank you for your membership and for your loyalty.  Please know that our entire team is here for you as we navigate through this uncertainty.

Finally, we want to address the concerns you may have about the inability to pay your bills and make your monthly loan payments. Members experiencing financial hardships as a result of COVID-19 are encouraged to contact us to determine how we may be able to assist during this crisis.

 MR. Yogendra Kumar Kunwar


Commitment from CEO

Dear Members,

I hope that you are well and continuing to practice good health safety precautions during this difficult time.  For our part, I would like to assure you that Chandragiri SACCOS remains a solid and healthy financial cooperative institution with strong cash reserves. We have continued to welcome new members throughout the pandemic and all time our office remains open, while operating under prudent, protective restrictions.

Our Top Priority is Member satisfaction:

Our mission is improved living standard of members through financial and other services with social security programs adopting innovative policies and advanced technology based on international credit union principle.  If you aren’t aware, we survey our members regular basis, across a variety of interactions, to get immediate feedback on how we might improve your experience. We are delighted with our members that we are delivering excellent service to you, but we are always striving to improve.

Financial Strength and Stability

We are on track to close in on NPR 2 billion and 100 million in assets for our fiscal year ended July 15, 2020. As a reminder, our financial records are audited annually, this year by the external accounting firm of A. Shrestha and Associates.  They will report their audit results directly to our annual general meeting, and we expect the audit to run smoothly again this year.  Although COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on our business, we are seeing tremendous growth in mortgages and mortgage refinancing, as rates continue at historic lows. We are also seeing a resurgence in consumer loans such as auto, professional, and home equities. Please call or visit to see how we can help you with your borrowing needs in this excellent borrowing rate environment.

I always want to remind you that Chandragiri is a well-capitalized financial institution and is very capable of weathering this pandemic in service of our membership, and we have solidified our position as one of the most successful SACCOS of the state. 

Community and Cooperative Spirit

Pandemic or not, Chandragiri is always ready to help our community. During the outbreaks we have organized several blood donations programs. We provided rebate in interest of loan to COVID impacted borrowers. We facilitated to make members participation in Corona insurance. We have been providing emergency fund support to highly impacted members from coronavirus and paid the hospital bills in the hardship period. We toughed members various ideas to be economy in pandemic period.  Likewise, we supported the local and federal government by contributing Corona virus fund and provided some fund to National Innovation Center to encourage social activities.

Looking Forward

As we enter to new financial year of 2077/078, we have formulated the new Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The BCP is to ensure the continuity of Chandragiri SACCOS in the event of an unforeseen and prolonged crisis.  It will maintain responsible treatment of members and support to come up with measure to cope with the COVID-19 situation, minimize the risk of infection and ensure responsible treatment of employees and volunteers during the crisis and minimize the risk of institution in order to ensure business continuity during and after the crisis. Likewise, the BCP will help us to proactively communicate with all stake holders.

Our goal is to keep members happy and prosperous and businesses solvent and to protect their loans. When all of this is over, and new normal day will come, we want your financial health and safety to have been preserved. 

If you are facing financial hardship, please call us at 014313058 or 9801107880 before you get behind so that we can make a plan together. 

Thank you for your trust, patience and healthy habits.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.


Krishna Kumar Shrestha

Chief Executive Officer



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