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Insurance Service

For helping to protect the member's life and property, SACCOS has been working as a agent of various life & non-life insurance companies. If any member wish to do his/her life or property insurance, saccos play an agent role & help member to facilitate the insurance service.

Mobile Banking Service

Through Chandragiri M. service, cooperative is providing digital mobile banking services to it's members. This allows members to check their account balance, view statements, pay utility bills, load funds in digital walet service, recharge mobiles and even transfer funds to cooperative account or bank account. Chandragiri M. service can be used on both Android and iPhone. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple Store.

Remittance Service

Cooperative is the agent of more than 35 remittance companies and provides remittance services to its members and non member.

Financial counselling services

The saccos provides financial assistance to any member of the cooperative if needed. If a member wishes to make a family budget or needs counseling to start a new business, then the cooperative provides financial assistance.

Home Loan

Home Loan

Minimum Loan Amount 50k, maximum loan amount 10000k, If loan amount is less then 500k, Loan should be paid within 1 year, if loan amount is less than1000k, Loan should be paid within 5 years and loan amount is more than 1000k it should be paid within 8 years. The grace...
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Agricultural Livestocks Loan

Agricultural Livestocks Loan

Minimum Loan Amount is 10k, maximum loan amount is 2500k, If loan amount is less than 500k, Loan should be paid within 1 year and more than 500k loan should be paid within 5 years. Monthly intrest should be paid & grace time for this loan is 6 months & intrest r...
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