Terms And Condition

Terms and Condition Installing and registering yourself in Chandragiri Mobile Services automatically indicates that you agree with the Terms and Conditions mentioned hereunder. These terms and conditions will be considered as an agreement between you and Chandragiri Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd (Chandragiri Coop) having registered office at Thankot, Chandragiri -7, Chandragiri Complex, Kathmandu. Hence, kindly read the T&C carefully before proceeding.

  • “ Chandragiri Mobile Services” ' means Chandragiri Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd (Chandragiri Coop) Official Mobile Banking Service.
  • “Customer / Members” means Chandragiri Coop account holder.
  • “Utility Payments,” means parties (e.g. Bill Payments Partner) that accept payments using Chandragiri Mobile Services
  • “ Banking “ Means the balance Enquiry and statement facility for Account holders at Chandragiri Coop Confidentiality:
  • Passwords and PIN associated with Chandragiri Mobile Services will entirely be the responsibility of the Customer / member. Customers / Members shall not disclose PIN/Password or permit possession of Chandragiri Mobile Services to any other person.
  • Customers / Members take the full responsibility for any and all transactions made by the use of Chandragiri Mobile Services whether or not performed with his/her knowledge or authority.
  • Customers / Members shall not reveal 4 or 5 -digit PIN/Password to any other person. Customers / Members shall immediately notify Chandragiri Coop if the confidentiality of PIN/Password is compromised. Customers / Members should request Chandragiri Coop to block the account, cancel PIN or reset it via email (info@chandragiri.coop.np) or by contacting our official number i.e. 01-4313058 .Customers / Members also need to send written application along with their KYC documents within 24 hour after verbal request on call.
  • Terms of Service:
  • Customers can avail Chandragiri Mobile Services services 24/7 except for times when the App is going through a system upgrade, which will be notified to the customer with In-app notifications and on our social media channels in advance.
  • Chandragiri Mobile Services is under no obligation to honor any payment instruction unless there is sufficient funds in Customer Accounts at the time of receiving such payment instruction.
  • Customers / Members shall accept the Chandragiri Coop record of transactions as conclusive and binding for all purposes
  • Funds claimed to be mistakenly transferred by the customers / Members via Chandragiri Mobile Services transfer methods shall not be processed for refund or adjustment until verification by Chandragiri Coop and full consent from the receiver’s end.
  • Any complaint regarding scam/fraudulent activity will be evaluated by Chandragiri Coop and if deemed necessary the Cooperative account that received the complaint can be put on hold. However blocking the Account or reversal of funds cannot be done based on customer complaint or request.
  • Chandragiri Coop shall not be liable, responsible or accountable in any way whatsoever arising by any malfunction or failure of the electronic devices/system or on the failure or delay on Chandragiri Mobile Services to act on the instruction given via this medium. Chandragiri Coop shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by Customer as a result of non-acceptance of instructions given on Chandragiri Mobile Services.
  • Customers / Members Can discontinue our Chandragiri Mobile Services at any time by visiting the Chandragiri Coop office and signing the Termination letter.