Chandragiri saving and credit co-operative provides various services on the different areas.Remittance Servie,Insurance Service,Mobile Banking Service ,Financial Consulting Service are some of them.

About Us

Chandragiri Savings and credit cooperative society is a community-based member owned cooperative organization established in January 06 2001 by the 25 generous people including unsalaried, farmers and social activists located Mahadevsthan and its surrounding area at that time. later it is registered under cooperative act 2048 at division cooperative office Kathmandu on April 19 2001. The purpose of establishing this co-operative society was to fight against poverty that existed in this area and enhance mutual help through cooperative activities. It is located in the northern part of chandragiri hill of Kathmandu District. It has covered Kathmandu and Lalitpur District and Dhunibesi Municipality of Dadhing district as it working area and operating 4 service centers in different places. It has been providing wide range of financial and other services to its member to uplift socio economic status of their life. Currently, Chandragiri is offering 12 saving products, 19 loan products and 12 member social security programs and 5 other services.

Chandragiri is affiliated to Association of Asian Confederation Of Credin Union, Bangkok Thailand (ACCU), Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Union(NEFSCUN), National Cooperative Bank of Nepal (NCBL), Kathmandu Saving and Credit Cooperative Union (KASCUN) andKathmandu District Union of Cooperative. It has been contributing to promote savings and credit cooperatives in Asia as it is a supporter member of ACCU.

Since it has been providing a quality services to its member and contributing to nation building it has earned so many awards and recognitions from its stakeholder. "The Excellent Cooperative Business Award 2076" provided by National Cooperative Federation of Nepal is one of them which is very significant in its journey of 20 years.

Up to the end of Month Baisakh 2078, 13616 individuals are getting services from Chandragiri and It has 2 billion and 526 million rupees of total assets. Although COVID-19 has certainly had an impact on its business, itis seeing tremendous growth. in mortgages and mortgage refinancing, as rates continue at historic lows. It's also seeing a resurgence in consumer loans such as auto, professional, and home equities.

Whether Pandemic or not, Chandragiri is always ready to help its community. During the outbreaks it has organized several blood donations programs. It provided rebate in interest of loan to COVID impacted borrowers. It facilitated to make members participation in Corona insurance. It has been providing emergency fund support to highly impacted members from coronavirus and paid the hospital bills in the hardship period. It toughed members various ideas to be economy in pandemic period.  Likewise, it supported the local and federal government by contributing Corona virus fund and provided some fund to National Innovation Center to encourage social activities. Its goal is to keep members happy and prosperous and businesses solvent and to protect their loans. When all of this is over, and new normal day will come, it recommendsto its members' financial health and safety to have been preserved.


"Sustainable SACCOS and happy and prosperous member" is its vision.


Improved living standard of members through financial and other services with social security programs adopting innovative policies and advanced technologies based on international credit union principle.

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Child Savings

A Child Savings Account can be opened at Rs.100. The savings account will be operated under the parent's signature. The saving account can be deposited at any time as per requirement but only 90%  amount of deposit...

Monthly Savings

Women group belonging to microfinance will have to deposit Rs.200 in every month. The deposit can be refunded up to 75% after deposit of 36 installments. This savings amount is provided for 5.5% percent interest.

General Saving

The account will be opened at the minimum amount of Rs.100. any amount can be deposited and withdrawn in this account. The Quarterly Interest Offered account can be withdrawn and withdrawn as per requirement and 5.5% intere...

Regular Savings

This savings can be deposited monthly from a minimum of Rs.200  to maximum Rs.2000. member can increase deposit amount at any time but they can reduce it by at least 12 installments. Up to 36 installments of regular sa...

Periodic Savings

The member can deposit periodic savings by obtaining 3 types of interest for a period of 1 year to 2 years depending on member's requirement. The interest is paid on this savings is from...

Special Savings

Members of the cooperative can open this savings account for a minimum of Rs. 50,000. The savings account can be deposited and withdrawn in such a way that the minimum amount is not required. This...

Khutruke Savings

Women group belongs to microfinance will have to deposit Rs.200. The deposit can be refunded up to 75% after deposit of 36 installments. This savings amount is provided for 5.5% percent inter...


Member will get 7% intrest rate in this saving account.

May 16,2023

चन्द्रागिरि साकोस र गणेशमानसिंह अस्पताल विच स्वास्थ्य सेवा छुट सम्बन्धी सम्झौता

चन्द्रागिरि बचत तथा ऋण सहकारी संस्था लि र गणेशमानसिहं मेमोरियल स्वास्थ्य सहकारी संस्थालिद्वारा सञ...

Feb 22,2023

८० जनाको दोश्रो सदस्य टोली हरिद्वार र ऋषिकेश भ्रमणमा

हरिद्वारा र ऋषिकेशको सदस्य तिर्थाटन कार्यक्रमको दोश्रो टोली हरिद्वार क्षेत्रको भ्रमण गर्दै । उक्त...

Oct 10,2021

चन्द्रागिरिको शुभतारा सेवाकेन्द्र उद्घाटन्

चन्द्रागिरि बचत तथा ऋण सहकारी संस्थाको शुभतारा सेवाकेन्द्र आज आश्विन २१ गते समुद्घाटन भई सञ्चालनम...

Jun 20,2021

नेपालमा पहिलो पल्ट सहकारीको मोबाईल बैंकिङ एपबाट रेमिट्यान्स सेवाः

चन्द्रागिरि बचत तथा ऋण सहकारी संस्थाले हाम्रो टेक्नोलोजी(एम.बैंक)को प्राविधिक सहयोगमा सि.टि. एक्स...

notice-detail चन्द्रागिरि उच्च शिक्षा छात्रवृत्तिको आवेदन खुल्ला गरिएको सूचना !

चन्द्रागिरि उच्च शिक्षा छात्रवृत्तिको आवेदन खुल्ला गरिएको सूचना !

Aug 07,2023

notice-detail कर्मचारी आवश्यकता सम्बन्धी सूचना !

कर्मचारी आवश्यकता सम्बन्धी सूचना !

Aug 06,2023

notice-detail चन्द्रागिरि साकोसका सदस्यहरुलाई स्वास्थ्य सेवा छुट तथा सुविधाहरु...

चन्द्रागिरि साकोसका सदस्यहरुलाई स्वास्थ्य सेवा छुट तथा सुविधाहरु...

May 16,2023

notice-detail चन्द्रागिरि साकोसको २०७९ चैत्र ३० सम्मको अपरिष्कृत वित्तीय विवरण ।

चन्द्रागिरि साकोसको २०७९ चैत्र ३० सम्मको अपरिष्कृत वित्तीय विवरण ।

Apr 24,2023

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